The 1,700 acres of vineyards are located on the southern coast of Sicily and are housed in two holdings: Sambuca di Sicilia (Agrigento) and Acate (Ragusa).

The vines are cultivated in straight lines, with approximately 2,200 vines per acre and a production of approximately 4-5 lbs. of grapes per vine. The vineyards are cared for on a daily basis by a group of five expert agronomists and a team of 100 people in the fields. The vineyards are also monitored by a computerized system that precisely manages the cultivation of the vines and the harvest of grapes. All of these measures are taken in order to obtain the highest level of quality Sicily has to offer.

The vineyards of the Arancio Estate are the all-bearing foundation of our winemaking philosophy. We always keep in mind that the high quality brought out in the winemaking process comes first and foremost from the vines, themselves.

Arancio Estate - Sambuca di Sicilia (Google Earth)

Arancio Estate - Acate (Google Earth)


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