Alcohol content
Serving temperature
Grillo grapes are picked around the end of August, slightly earlier and at night in order to preserve freshness. They then undergo "white" vinification with soft crushing and pressing to obtain only the finest and most fragrant grape must.
From the fermentation at controlled temperatures of 18°C we obtain the base wine which is then fermented on its own yeast until December. The base wine with selected added yeast then undergoes natural re-fermentation in tanks at about 13-14°C for about 8-10 days. On reaching the desired pressure and residual sugar level it is quickly cooled down to -2/3°C to stop fermentation and allow tartaric stability. After another 2/3 months the wine is filtered and bottled at low temperatures in order to preseve and maintain its characteristics.
Colour: pale straw colour with elegant green reflections.
Aroma: Fresh, intense and persistent, fine and estremely fruity, aroma of acacia flower and wistaria together with delicate fresh fruits like apple, pear and peach as well as sophistaicated traces of white flower (magnolia and lilly of the valley).
Flavour: dry and fresh on the palate, fragrant with definite acidity and mineral taste.
Excellent as an apperitif, with raw fish, fresh or slightly mature cheeses, with first courses of fish and salads, with white meats and main courses of fried fish.