Alcohol content
6-8° C
Serving temperature
Production area
This wine is obtained by Grillo grapes, grown in our two Sicilian estates: the first one is located in the south east of the island, in the province of Ragusa. The second one is in the west, in the province of Agrigento. The different environmental conditions allow us to obtain grapes with different aromatic style.In fact, the proximity to the see of the vineyards cultivated near Ragusa and loose and warm soils allow us to obtain more fruity and fragrant wines. On the other hand, the loamy and fertile soils of the estate located near Agrigento give the grapes more concentration, ripeness, richness and volume.The merger of the two different styles of wine generates the richness and fruitfulness of our sparkling Feudo Arancio Frizzante.
Between the second and the third week of august, grapes are harvested in order to preserve freshness. Grapes are subject to subsequent vinification with soft pressing to extract only the most fragrant and elegant juice.By the fermentation at a controlled temperature of 18° C we obtain the basic wine, it is aged on its lees for at least four months. A part of the must is cooled at 0° C in order to be subsequently used in the second fermentation phase.The base wine - added with a fresh must rate - is subjected to a natural fermentation in autoclave at 13-14 ° C for 8-10 days which allows yeast to produce soft and elegant effervescence (Petit Charmat).
Color: light straw yellow with elegant greenish reflections.
Bouquet: intense and persistent, fruity and fine, with aromas of acacia flowers and wisteria, and a delicate scent of fresh fruits such as green apple, pear and peach as well as elegant nuances of white flowers (magnolia and lily of the valley ).
Taste: dry and fresh, fragrant with strong acidity and minerality.
Perlage: persistent, elegant and fine.
Excellent as an aperitif, with raw fish, fresh or slightly aged cheeses, with first courses of fish and vegetables, white meat, and main courses of fried fish.