Sicilia DOC

From the union between the Sicilian varietal Grillo and the international Viognier, native to the Rhone valley, comes a harmonious blend that expresses the sunlight and richness of Sicily.

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Grapes: 80% Grillo, 20% Viognier. This aromatic wine showcases the great oenological potential of Sicily that expresses elegantly fragrant aromas in its white wines. Grillo, a principal native varietal of Sicily that for centuries has fed on the richness of the land and the climate of this fantastic island. In this wine, Grillo brings intense, exotic tropical notes of mango intermingled with delicate notes of white flowers and stone fruits. Viognier, a varietal originating in Valle del Roadano, flourishes in Sicily, expressing delicate notes of peach, apricot and citrus with a light hint of wildflowers and fresh honey. Behind these two components, there is a refined oak element with elegant notes of vanilla that respect the nuance of these varietals.
Grillo: Harvested in mid-September, destemming and soft pressing of 70% of the grapes, the other 30% undergoes maceration on the skins for 12 hrs at 10°C, decantation of the must at 12°C for 24 hours, addition of selected yeasts and fermentation at controlled temperature of 16°C for 10 days, followed by maturation in stainless steel tanks. Viognier: Harvested around the first week of September, destemming and soft pressing, decantation at 12°C for 24 hours, addition of selected yeasts and fermentation in 3 year old barriques with light toasting, maturation in oak for 8 months with periodic batonnage (resuspension of yeast). Blend: After maturation, the wines are blended and then aged in stainless steel for an additional 4 months. Bottling is followed by 4 months of bottle refinement.
Color: Soft yellow with touches of green.
Bouquet: Intense nose of tropical fruit and jasmine unites with delicate notes of peach, apricot and citrus, accented by hints of wildflowers and fresh honey.
Flavor: Elegant, rich white with a powerful nose that is complemented by vanilla undertones.
Seafood appetizers, pasta dishes with fish or white meat, grilled fish and medium aged cheese.