Sicilia DOC

A novel twist from Sicily

Alcohol content
Serving temperature
Production area
This wine is produced from the Grillo varietal. Cultivated in our vineyards in two areas in Sicily: the first to the south-east in Ragusa province, the second to the west in Agrigento province. Thanks to the different climatic conditions we can obtain grapes with a different aromatic style. On one side, the vineyards cultivated around Ragusa allow us to obtain fruity and fragrant wines thanks to the proximity to the sea and the ideal soil. On the other sidethe more fertile and clayish soils in the vineyards around Agrigento produce concentrated, ripe and rich grapes. From the combination of these two different wine styles we obtain the richness and the fruitiness of our slightly sparkling wine.
The grapes are harvested from the middle to the end of August, destemmed and then gently pressed. The alcoholic fermentation using selected yeasts at a controlled temperature of 16-18°C lasts for 7-9 days. The low fermentation temperature maintains the natural sparkle of this wine, which is fresh and petillant on the palate.
Colour: light straw yellow with elegant green reflections.
Bouquet: very fruity with notes of nectarine and peach andlight tropical notes of mango and papaya.
Flavour: Light, delicate and refreshing, withtropical fruit flavours.
Excellent as an aperitif, it pairs well with fish, fresh and slightly-seasoned cheeses, vegetables and hors d'oeuvres, white meats and fusion cuisine.