Tinchité rosé

This wine expresses the nobility and opulence of one of the oldest Sicilian grape varieties. 

Alcohol content
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Production area
Grape variety: based on Nero d’Avola
This wine expresses the nobility and richness of one of Sicily’s most ancient varieties.Cultivated in the red soils of the Ragusa countryside, this vine generously produces red wines with unique facets not found in the rest of the island and with the medium colouring intensity typical of young red wines.
The grapes are cultivated in the Acate area where the soil’s main characteristic is its sandy texture. The plots mainly consist of loose red sands with no skeletal fraction and of average depth.The Nero d’Avola variety produces a wine that stands out for its unrestrainable vivacity. It has an interesting aromatic structure that enriches the profile of the resulting wine and is ideal for the production of young wines with floral and fruity aromas.
Tinchité rosé shows warm, cherry-red hues with marked ruby-red and purple notes. To the nose it expresses a rainbow of floral and fresh fragrances, like geranium and wild berries such as raspberry, blackberry, wild strawberry, red currant and pomegranate.
Highly versatile in its accompaniments, ranging from cold cuts to fresh cheeses, from pizza to savoury fish dishes. Enjoyed best when young and expressing to the full the fragrant delightfulness of its fruity notes.